Our Vision

End Teen Vaping.


My name is Paul Brodeur and I serve as a State Representative in the Massachusetts state legislature. But more importantly, I’m a dad to two teenage boys and I am deeply concerned about how vaping is affecting them and their classmates. 


The vaping epidemic threatens a new generation of American teenagers with nicotine addictions. In an email to policy makers, JUUL Labs CEO Kevin Burns recently wrote that, “As a company, we have no higher priority than preventing youth access to our products,” and even went on to describe a “Track and Trace” program targeted at identifying the sources of confiscated vaping devices. While these sentiments and programs are steps in the right direction they aren’t enough. 

If we want to combat the 78% rise in teen vaping, we must ensure that the vape manufacturers have skin in the game. For too long manufactures have pitted online retailers against brick and mortar shop owners with out taking responsibility for how they market their products.

Our mission is to hold vape manufacturers accountable by asking them to compensate our schools for the vape products our faculty and staff confiscate from kids. By signing the petition you will join a growing coalition of community organizations, parents, advocates, coaches, teachers, and others that are standing up against big tobacco. 

The buy back program is simple: Schools collect confiscated vaping devices, send them back to their original manufacturer, and then receive a check from the manufacturer for the retail value of the products. Schools can then use those funds for prevention, enforcement, and education. 

Our teens are struggling with a new addiction. It’s time the companies which profit accept responsibility. 

Paul Brodeur

MA State Representative